Manufacturing Systems & Solutions

We design custom systems and solutions that fit your growth plan for strategic investment that align with your budget and vision. From productivity tools on the plant floor to automation systems that integrate with the manufacturing process, all designs target work flow improvement, inventory protection and safe operating procedures. We inspire your internal staff to become part of the solution as process owners and implementers. They own the change.

Change Management

Change is good. Inspired change is exceptional. We coach and support your staff to own the change and become part of continuous improvement. They have to want it and create it every day. We help develop a training program that cultivates inspired ideas that lead to a culture of involvement and interaction. It must be supported from the top down.

Safety, Quality and Productivity Control

There is nothing that can be done without doing it safely. We help integrate a Safety culture that is aligned with high-performance Productivity and superior Quality. These are mind sets that need support with technology tools, best-in-class manufacturing systems and a culture that understands that Safety, Quality and Productivity is connected to outstanding customer service. The return on the effort are ecstatic customers that are inspired to continue a business relationship with you. This sells well in a manufacturing firm.

Defining Vision

Change doesn’t happen without management approval. You have to want it from the top before your team learns to want it. The vision is the driving force that aligns the capabilities and untapped potential of teams that know what to do if they are allowed to do it. We help integrate the shared Vision in all we do to provide support and solutions to the challenges and opportunities that change makes available.


  • Management support to develop strategic vision and goals and objectives to achieve the vision plan. Act as Champion to ensure the vision plan is implemented and actionable.
  • Ensure the corporate vision statement is understood by the staff and why the vision will need their support. Act as the champion to make sure the vision has commitment buy-in from everyone.
  • Develop key performance metrics to measure the progress of management vision.
  • Develop operating budgets for the business departments and support the financial system for revenue, income, profit and loss, cost variances and price modeling. Ensure strategic vision priorities decided by management are implemented on-time and on-budget.
  • Ensure change management by training/support of staff development aligned with necessary changes to implement the vision plan. changes
  • Measure, manage and implement changes through Key Performance Indicators to direct and control continuous improvement process.
  • Review and manage improvements to the current supply chain process flow, internal and external.
  • Manage systems enhancements and integrate improvements to the current process. Ensure new process model delivers expectations.
  • Develop team-based culture and support and coach by positive encouragement.
  • Oversee and manage creative development systems integration to support new process model.
  • Review and manage improvements to production systems- Automation, Inventory Control, Process Logistics.
  • Develop and support planning systems and procurement improvements.
  • Review and implement quality process improvements.
  • Custom-Designed Process Maps

Mission : Inspired Customer Service through teamwork.

Everything leads to Customer Care. Customers and markets change and aligning that change becomes the defining factor to success.

No branches, no Trees.

We build and inspire teams to manage the pathways to successful customer satisfaction and provide the tools to ensure the potential becomes reality.

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